Selected Work

Our NYC Journeys - 2020

Promotional Video for an interactive memory map that invites New Yorkers to share their memonts, associated with NYC locations. More about the project here.

Team: Changhyun Lee, Tina Columbus, YunRay Chung

September 2020, NYC
Rainy Night - 2019
Ambient Video experimenting with materiality, visual effects and sound.
Peeping Through - 2019

Experimenting with a prototype of Pepper’s Ghost to communicate a design experience, part of my Master Thesis, Belong here.

December 2019, NYC
MFA in Exhibition and Experience Design.

Unattainable Beauty | Exhibition - 2018

Teaser video draft, promoting an Exhibition on Unattainable Beauty.

Video [Creative Direction/ Concept]: Tina Columbus
Team: Tracy Llewellyn, Savannah Sear, Tuj Cutting, Tina Columbus

November, 2018, NYC
Exercise - 30mins | MFA in Exhibition and Experience Design.

Me Too - 2018
Expressing a narrative through video: video on the Me too movement.

September, 2018, NYC
Exercise - 10mins | MFA in Exhibition and Experience Design.

Minedscapes - 2015

Teaser video to promote an experiential, IRL, adventure game with educational dimension in the mining complex of Lavrio.The project was the winner of a 3-day design sprint organized by the Technological Park of Lavrio. The goal of the sprint was to create interest in Lavrio, a rural Greek area with multi-dimensional importance for Greece and attract visitors.

Video [Creative Direction/ Concept]: Tina Columbus

Team: Venia Pastaka/ archeology, Labrini Tsitsou/ cultural-heritage management, Tina Columbus/ design

September, 2015, Lavrio GR

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