it’s me

Exhibition + Experience Designer | Interior Architect

I enjoy exploring the limits of innovation and visitors’ psychology in order to develop strategies that turn concepts into meaningful and mind meddling experiences!

My projects are connected to specific goals and developed in an analytical way. My work reflects the client’s needs and revolves around visitors’ interaction, the balance of digital and analog, the interplay between materials and light.

I have an MFA in Exhibition and Experience Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. During my Bachelor studies in Interior Architecture & Design, I experimented in different creative fields: Graphic Design, Branding, Production Design, and Spatial Narratives.

My international work experience in the US and Europe allowed me to advance my communication skills and adjust easily to multicultural working environments.

With a special interest in the way that brands and ideas translate into space, I infuse authenticity and awe into my projects to communicate information to visitors.

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