See through my eyes

NYC Walkthrough
Exhibition Design

This is an autobiographical exhibit, which presents the Greek capital, Athens. The audience jumps inside the mind of a Greek immigrant, and explores the transition of a newcomer to NY in 2018.

If you have ever moved to a new city, you know that you will always remember the first days.
What is an immigrant thinking and feeling?
How does they make sense of their new city?
What are the points that remind him of their motherland?

The exhibition is a NYC Walkthrough which is guided through a Greek immigrant's narrative. This educative walk has key-point locations which introduce specific content.
The "Through my eyes" exhibit is an temporary annual event, which launches with a big party.

The exhibition will help the audience not only to walk in the shoes of Greek immigrants and develop empathy, but also to experience NYC through a different lens.
The primary audience is Greek Newcomer Immigrants and the secondary NYC explorers and 2nd/ 3rd generation Greeks.
The inspiration came from my Greek relatives, who moved to NYC in '70s. As a child, I remember that when they visited Athens, I was looking forward to "the opening of THE suitcase", which was full of gifts!

6 key points of Athens

From Athens to New York

People can experience the exhibition either digitally, with their headphones and smartphone, or physically by the wayfinding and advertisement. By using the "Through my Eyes" app, users can contribute by sharing their stories and enriching the content. 

  Among the possible partnerships are the NYC and Greece Tourism Organizations.

Among the possible partnerships are the NYC and Greece Tourism Organizations.

This project was created in November 2018, for the Exhibition and Planning Design Studio of Jo Ann Secor, in the Master’s Program of Exhibition and Experience Design, Fashion Institute Technology, NY.

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