The Museum of 2040
Exhibition Design

Inspired by the 2018 and Future Trends, this project explores a Museum Concept that dwells in a future Dystopia that features Artificial Intelligence and Empathy deficit at its core.

The Nation uses technology as a tool of manipulation. In 2040 people wear constantly and voluntarily their "Hyper Gogglus" and addicted to technology, they alienate from each other.


Some citizens are not satisfied by the status quo and seek a change.

Museum 2040
Stimulus, is a Museum Concept placed in this Reality. It is a space tha changes and re-forms according to peoples' needs. Stimulus preserves the Treasure of Humanity; communication, creativity, emotion

The Museum of 2040 is far from neutral; it inspires action for social change.

Visitor’s Experience

Stimulus was inspired by; Disobedient Objects - V&A Museum, Choosing to Participate - Facing History in Ourselves, An Incomplete History of Protest - Whitney museum, Activist New York - Museum of the City of New York.

This concept is inspired by the past and current trends and behaviors. Exploring dystopic scenarios makes us
question the present and identify actions that could be beneficial in a variety of circumstances.

The choices we make shape our future.

This project was created in December 2018, for the Historical Perspectives and Theory of Sara DeAngelis, in the Master’s Program of Exhibition and Experience Design, Fashion Institute Technology, NY.

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