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Greenwich Village | NYC, USA | 2022

Client: Amazon Prime
Marvelous Nights will turn a part of Greenwich Village to its 1960s version to celebrate Mrs. Maisel’s Season 4.  Playing on the character’s balancing act between two worlds, the locations and streets will have a dual appearance; 2022 in the day and 1960 in the night. We are constantly called to navigate and balance our multiple roles and Mrs. Maisel is a great inspiration on how to do that in an experimental and honest way, by being outspoken and kind — with plenty of humor.

Synchronized to the neighborhood’s street lights, the activation will begin as the lights turn on, transforming the area into scenes from the show. The audience will be immersed to the 1960s Zeitgeist: street and store signs, a beauty salon, a store, a comedy club, and a vintage shop — with many local businesses participating. During the Marvelous Nights, people from the ‘60s with branded accessories will take over the streets of New York spreading the word about the activation and the show.
Research, Strategy, Concept Design, 3d Space & Visualizations

Project Status
Case Study
February 2022

The Show
Ms. Maisel has everything she has always wanted; is married to Joel, has two kids, has the same weight for years — pretty, smart, funny and on the right track to follow her mother’s steps as the perfect wife, mother and daughter. When her husband, leaves her for his secretary, Midge’s has to wake up from the dream life and rebuild her World. The opportunity of Stand-Up Comedy is presented to her and she starts leading two parallel lives; in the day Midge is the perfect, Upper-West-Side, Jewish girl and in the night the Stand-Up Comic taking over the stage of Gaslight Cafe in the West Village.
Primary: female and LGBTQ+ viewers
Secondary: male viewers

According to an estimate from Nielsen, the audience of the show is 62% female viewers. The activation aims to excite the female audience and intrigue male audiences as well.
Project Goals
  • Promote Season 4 in exciting ways
  • Achieve top-of-mind awareness in existing audience
  • Reach new audiences including male viewers
  • Weave the show to the every-day life of New Yorkers
It has been almost 3 years since the fans got a dose of Ms. Maisel’s witty quotes. On February 18, 2022 Amazon releases season 4 of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the audience cannot wait to dive into the psychedelic ‘60s of New York City!

The activation takes place in Greenwich Village, where the show has been shooting. Marvelous Nights takes over 3 empty storefronts. Small local businesses and iconic locations will participate in transforming the neighborhood into its ‘60s appearance.

Street Activation
The 2-days activation will re-create the early 1960s Zeitgeist in the McDougal Street area, as shown in Marvelous Ms. Maisel; evocative and colorful.
The celebration of the Marvelous Nights starts when the city street lights turn on. In collaboration with NYC Dot, Village Alliance and the area’s small businesses, we will replace the existing store signs with signs, materials and typefaces true to the 1960s. The light of the street will also change to create a real-life set; the street light bulbs will be replaced with warmer white light and spotlights will be placed in areas of interest to move the audience.
Back in the ‘60s this neighborhood of New York was the hub of intellectual activity, music and politics as legendary artists, performers and activists used to walk its streets and populate its bars. This activation will be a festival; an ode to the spirit of the place through the eyes of Mrs. Maisel. Legendary personalities, iconic locations, the vibe of the early ‘60s and the colorful view of Midge - all blend together to immerse the audience into the marvelous nights.
Experience Beacons: Photo Vignettes
Four experience beacons will be located in Washigton Square Park to engage and inform the audience about the activation. The beacons will serve as Photo Vignettes staged with props and scene backdrops, there the audience can take pictures. The beacons change between day and night, featuring the two worlds of Mrs. Maisel. The staff will be present and professional photographer will snap the pictures of the audience.

The beacons get activated from sunset to 12.00 am and each one has a separate theme.The Washington Square Park is a strategic location of the activation; experience beacons will be placed there to engage and inform the audience about the activation.
The Washington Square Park is a strategic location of the activation; experience beacons will be placed there to engage and inform the audience about the activation.
Beauty Salon
Taking over a currently empty storefront, a ‘60s beauty salon will be staged; the audience can have a ‘60s haistyle, makeup and nails. This way they, not only get to live some hours in the world of the show, but also turn into show ambassadors that advertise it.

** Opportunity to have a barber shop operating in another location to attract additional male audience.

Gaslight Cafe
The empty storefront will be designed to replicate the basement-level Gaslight Cafe on McDougal Street; the cafe opened in 1958 and closed in 1971. During these 13 years, notable performers, poets and musicians took over Gaslight’s stage. The glass front will be visually blocked and the space will feature key design elements from the original Gaslight with the goal to replicate the atmosphere but not necessarily the exact space. The audience will attend the space to listen to jazz music, poetry and stand-up comedy inspired by the original performances that reflected the Zeitgeist of 1960s.
Marvelous Store
Located at the empty storefront and the intersection of 6th Ave., Bleecker and Minetta street, the Marvelous Shop will draw the attention of many passersby. The window displays will be designed similarly to these in the ‘60s; mannequins with elaborate fashion and themed props. The merchandise will include Mrs. Maisel-themed objects (mugs, notebooks, etc), but also ‘60s-inspired items and branded accessories (posters, hats, jewelery, etc) result of collaboration with local artists. The show references numerous famous personalities and items related to them could be featured in the store: e.g. Jane Jacobs and her book “The life and death of american cities”. There are opportunities for exhibition components in this location.
Further Opportunities

Scavenger Hunt Game where participants collect clues to unlock small plot parts of Season 4.

Gamified aspect, where participants take on a character from the show or Gaslight’s famous parlors. Activation expanding in different neighborhoods of NYC or different cities.

Collaboration with the Bowery Boys and other local tours.

Collaboration with Amazon Music to provide extra dialogues that were cut from previous Seasons. This can be location-specific and can be activated via beacon technology or QR codes.

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