at Sing Sing Prison

Museum Preview Center
Exhibition Design
Group Project

This project is a design concept for the Sing Sing Museum Preview Center, located in the active Sing Sing Prison of Ossining.


The story of how we treat each other is still being written. The "Ensemble" Preview Center aims to unveil the truth about mass incarceration in the United States and its impacts on our society.

The preview center will therefore allow for a personalized experience for each visitor in order to understand the current happenings of the US justice system and educate public in hopes of sparking a dialogue; a link between Sing Sing Prison and Society.

The primary audience of the Ensemble will be tourists; United States citizens and overseas visitors, the secondary will include both inmates’ families & friends, and previously incarcerated individuals, the tertiary audience will be the local people of Ossining.

Visitor’s Experience

Approaching Ensemble

Our goal is to create an open-plan, bright and inviting space, where visitors feel welcome, without forgetting the special past of the facility. Therefore, we highlighted the materials that already exist in the space.

Ensemble Preview Center will educate and encourage visitors to learn more about the United States Criminal Justice System. Our goal is to indirectly give hope and voice to inmates and allow them to share their point of view

Ensemble at Sing Sing

Talking digital portraits of inmates, families, corrections officers and activists will welcome the visitors and present different POVs.

The Reflections' B ooth is inspired by the IVR Game of Courtney Cogburn, Assistant Professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work. We developed a decision making tool to encourage people to think the racial bias in our justice system and develop empathy for the incarcerated.

The Auditorium is where visitors can take a pause and interact actively or passively with the Animated Infographics. This flexible space promotes dialogue and can be used by the community, hosting events such as lectures and talks.

As an Ensemble, we can orchestrate a team effort
to start a dialogue about the flaming topics
of everyday life.

Design Team:
Tina Columbus
May Ghadanfar
Savannah Sears
This project was created in December 2018, for the Exhibit Design Studio of Michele Washington and Robin Drake, in the Master’s Program of Exhibition and Experience Design, Fashion Institute Technology, NY.
Special thanks to Arthur Wolpinsky, the corrections officer who provided us a tour of the Sing Sing Prison Facilities.

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